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Gillmore Hoefdraad Wins the Most Corrupt Surinamese Politician-2016 Award


The nonpartisan watchdog group LoveSu named Gillmore Hoefdraad at the top of it’s worst ethics violators in Suriname for 2016! According to Hans Chin A Shen, editor in chief of LoveSu: “There are overwhelming evidence that Gillmore Hoefdraad abused his official position as governor of the central bank and as finance secretary of Suriname to steal millions from this poor corrupted country (that is one of the most corrupted country in the Caricom, check this article). The complete bankruptcy of Suriname is due to his lack of knowledge and experience on economics and his unethical behavior. He bought the most expensive $650,000 home in Paramaribo with part of the stolen money. This former IMF employee seems to be a criminal who has a sexual relationship with the daughter of the president of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, who is a convicted drug criminal and charged for multiple murders. Check this Fox News article Murder trial of Suriname president resumes”.  Check also this article Suriname president acts to again avoid trial in 1982 deaths“. Bouterse and Hoefdraad are close friends. They both are criminals and serve self-interest, not public’s interest”, and both are responsible of the bankruptcy of the country. Suriname is also in the top 10 Most Corrupt Nations In the Americas, check this article. For more information about the criminal behavior of Gillmore Hoefdraad, please check these links:

Hoefdraad also falsely claims to be the former Governor of the Caribbean Development Bank, check this Bloomberg website link. Check also his other lies on this Bloomberg page: “H.E Gillmore Hoefdraad serves as the President of Central Bank of Suriname. H.E Hoefdraad serves as a Governor of International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank“. This is false and a big lie, he was never governor at the Caribbean Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank! These types of people are currently serving as secretary in the cabinet of the corrupted president in the fourth most corrupt CARICOM nation.

How is it possible that the Caribbean Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank have granted billion dollar loans to Suriname recently, despite the fact that Suriname is one of the most corrupted countries in the Americas and despite the bankruptcy of the country? Is it because of the good connections Hoefdraad has with the leadership at these banks? Or is it because of the corruption at IMF , corruption at IDB, and corruption at the World Bank? Click on these links and you will find out how corrupt these banks are. His former IMF boss, Christine Lagarde, got convicted last week for corruption, click on this link.

Last week he got an other loan from the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), that is a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group in Jeddah. Here you see Hani Salem Sonbol handing over the agreement to this criminal.450

No politician in the history of Suriname has ever stolen so much money and caused so much economical damage in this poor country as Hoefdraad. He deserves the Most Corrupt Surinamese Politician-2016 Award.

Corruptie is sinds het aantreden van Gillmore Hoefdraad harder toegenomen in Suriname dan voorheen. Gillmore Hoefdraad heeft de fakkel van Robert Ameerali overgenomen, die  in de afgelopen 3 jaren the Most Corrupt Surinamese Politician-Award verdiend had gewonnen. De veroorzaakte economische schade van Suriname onder onetische en corrupte leiding van Hoefdraad is vele malen groter dan onder leiding van Ameerali. Vandaar dat Hoefdraad the Most Corrupt Surinamese Politician-2016 Award zeer verdiend heeft gewonnen.

Het ziet ernaar uit dat Hoefdraad, onder bescherming van Bouterse, nog vele jaren door zal gaan met zijn corruptieve praktijken en het land nog verder naar de verdoemenis zal helpen, waardoor hij volgend jaar mogelijk weer in aanmerking gaat komen voor deze award.

Hans Chin A Shen (columnist en reacteur binnenland)

Nickerie.Net / ILoveSU 04-01-2017



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