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'Huawei-medewerkers hielpen Afrikaanse regimes tegenstanders te bespioneren'

Medewerkers van de Chinese fabrikant Huawei hebben in twee gevallen Afrikaanse regimes geholpen om op politieke tegenstanders te spioneren. Dat meldt The Wall Street Journal. Dat gebeurde in Zambia en Oeganda.

In Zambia hebben Huawei-medewerkers geholpen om bloggers op te sporen en te laten arresteren, terwijl in Oeganda medewerkers van Huawei toegang hebben verschaft tot WhatsApp-chats van een politieke tegenstander van de president om hem en medestanders te laten arresteren, meldt The Wall Street Journal.

De zakenkrant baseert zich op getuigenissen van overheidsmedewerkers en een intern rapport over een van de zaken dat het in handen heeft gekregen. De Zambiase regeringspartij Patriotic Front postte op Facebook enkele maanden geleden zelf ook over de arrestatie van de bloggers en de medewerking van Huawei daarbij.

De Amerikaanse krant benadrukt dat het gaat om assistentie in individuele gevallen en niet om spionage in opdracht van de Chinese overheid of met gebruikmaking van technologie die daarvoor in netwerkapparatuur van Huawei is gezet.

Huawei ontkent tegenover de krant dat er medewerkers hebben meegeholpen om tegenstanders te laten arresteren. De overheid van Oeganda bevestigt dat Huawei hen helpt om politieke tegenstanders te traceren. Sinds de krant begon met vragen stellen, zouden de Huawei-medewerkers niet meer verschenen zijn tijdens briefings.

Patriotic Front - PF 26 april ·


Admins of 'Koswe' Page Apprehended by Police

Zambia Police in conjunction with ZICTA and Chinese experts at Huawei have managed to track administrators of a Facebook page Koswe.

Four people have been apprehended. A source at the Police headquarters has said.

Koswe has been publishing malicious articles and falsehood against the PF administration with insults directed at President Edgar Lungu.

The names of the people arrested are

1. Liswaniso Songiso 31 2. Patrick Mweetwa 29 3. Derrick Munshya 35 4. Emmanuel Kamosha 37

All the four are residents of Solwezi district in Northwestern province.

The admins of Koswe were tracked down after an extensive investigation that started last year in August.

The infamous page has so far been deleted from Facebook as the owners remain locked up. The four were arrested on Wednesday in Solwezi but transported to Lusaka today.

Other malicious Facebook pages include Zambian Watch, Zambian Observer, Zambian Watchdog and Zambian Leaks. All these publish fake news and malicious articles against government and citizens, on behalf of UPND.

A source has indicated that many other Facebook pages that are in a habit of publishing fake news, malicious articles as well as insults against government will be closed down.

Huawei Technicians Helped African Governments Spy on Political Opponents

Employees embedded with cybersecurity forces in Uganda and Zambia intercepted encrypted communications and used cell data to track opponents, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation By Joe Parkinson, Nicholas Bariyo and Josh Chin

Aug. 14, 2019 10:30 am ET

KAMPALA, Uganda—Huawei Technologies Co., the world’s largest telecommunications company, dominates African markets, where it has sold security tools that governments use for digital surveillance and censorship.

But Huawei employees have provided other services, not disclosed publicly. Technicians from the Chinese powerhouse have, in at least two cases, personally helped African governments spy on their political opponents, including intercepting their encrypted communications and social media, and using cell data to track...


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